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Thanks for visiting our fossil forum! Discuss shark teeth, artifacts, and other fossils on these fossil discussion groups.

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New Post
 11/24/2008 8:39 AM

   Hey guys, my husband and I like to hunt shark teeth for hobby and we were in jacksonville NC, and i know any day i could go out and find 200+ teeth in an hour just combing the beach.  It took a while to know good areas, but now hes been stationed in Beaufort SC, and we have not had any luck here so far.  I'm wondering if there actually is an places nearby to find teeth, combing the beach or digging, or am i going to have to dive if I want to find some? 



New Post
 11/30/2008 8:48 PM

Finding shark's teeth in the Beaufort area isn't hard, but the number found will depend on the time of year for some reason.  I've been able to find them on all of the area beaches in the spring and summer, including the "river" beaches, like Port Royal's.  They are harder to find in the winter here, but sand dollars become more numerous.  Keep looking - they're there, just not in large quantity.  It's a good day if you find 5 or 6, a great day if you find more than that.  Where in the Jacksonville area were you finding that many, around Scotch Bonnet out on Topsail, or up on Bogue Banks/Emerald Isle/Atlantic Beach?

New Post
 1/16/2009 8:57 AM

Grunstwife - I used to hunt the Sands at Port Royal when my gandma lived there. The city used to dredge Battery Creek and dump some spoil at the Sands. Its been about 8 yrs since I collected there, but I always found some teeth. I think the dredging has stopped though. I also suggest looking in ditches (without tresspassing, etc) and see if there is any gravel beds.

Best of luck.


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